Piping Plover (Peter Paton)
The Motus Wildlife Tracking System (Motus) is an international collaborative research network that uses coordinated automated radio telemetry to facilitate research and education on the ecology and conservation of migratory animals. Motus is a program of Birds Canada in partnership with collaborating researchers and organizations.


December 2022 – Important announcements to the Motus Community Click here to read them.
September 2022 – Explore Motus data in Audubon’s new Bird Migration Explorer Click here to see more.
April 2022 – Job Opportunity: Motus US Director Birds Canada and American Bird Conservancy are pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity, and are now accepting applications for a full-time Motus U.S. Director. Click here to view the job posting and apply.
March 2022 – R package documentation update We have recently revised the Motus R Book and created a website for the motus R package.
February 2022 – Lotek tags are now automatically registered!: The Motus teams at Lotek and Birds Canada are delighted to announce that all Motus-designated Lotek NanoTags will now automatically be registered with the system prior to delivery. Read more.
December 2021 – Web Update: Introducing Motus Stations and more! New updates to the Motus metadata management system have been introduced. Read more about them.
June 2021 – Strategic Development – Motus Fest 2021!: Part one in the strategic development of Motus for the next decade of tracking wildlife. This event has already occured, but you can still view a recording here: Motus Fest 2021
August 2020 – Motus Videos – NAOC2020 Round Table and Motus en español: We have two new videos available on our Motus YouTube Channel! See them here
June 2020 – Motus Network Update – Check your stations! Now that restrictions have been eased for some, it’s more important than ever to ensure stations are intact and data is up to date. More…
April 2020 – COVID-19 Update: Guidance for Motus projects during this difficult time. More details here.
December 2019 – Job Opportunity: Movement Ecologist Birds Canada and The National Audubon Society are looking to hire a joint Movement Ecologist. More…
October 2019 – Motus Website and R Package Update. Important details regarding our latest Motus platform release are available on the Motus Updates page.
April 2019 – Six great new publications using Motus this year already. Click here to view our publications page and learn more.
December 2018 – Integration of Cellular Tracking Technologies LifeTags ™ Motus recently received funding from CANARIE’s Research Software Program to support the integration of Cellular Tracking Technologies LifeTags ™ into Motus. A summary is available here, and more details will be announced as they become available.
September 2018 – At the recent International Ornithological Congress Vancouver, cooperators presented 24 oral presentations or posters featuring research using Motus. A summary of these abstracts is available here.
July 2018 – Powdermill Nature reserve will host a second Motus workshop from October 5th – 7th. Click here to register and view more information, or contact us.
March 2018 – Motus used to study full life cycle of the critically endangered Kirtland’s Warbler. See Audubon article here and ace-eco paper here.
February 2018 – Details on a significant update to the Motus website and RBook are available here.
January 2018 – A short video to help promote and fundraise for Motus is available here
November 2017 – New paper published in Proceedings B: Body condition explains migratory performance of a long-distance migrant. Visit our publications page for more information.
August 2017 – An update on Motus data processing is available here.
June 2017 – Tri-national research published in Scientific Reports showing the importance of a single stopover site to the pace of intercontinental migration in Gray-cheeked Thrushes.
April 2017 – NEW paper in Avian Ecology and Conservation describes the Motus Wildlife Tracking System – http://www.ace-eco.org/vol12/iss1/art8/. This was one of five papers published in the last week using Motus. Visit our publications page.
Jan 2017 – What’s killing the world’s shorebirds? See how researchers are using Motus to find out more about this iconic group in the latest issue of Nature, and Scientific American.
Aug 2016 – New animation featuring 2016 Swainson’s and Gray-cheeked Thrush spring migration from Colombia now available.
Feb 2016 – New animations featuring data from across the network, available on the view tracks page.
Jul 2015 – Motus System documents amazing migrations of Gray-cheeked and Swainson’s Thrushes from Colombia to their breeding grounds. Read more. Plus: Updated map.

Stations in The Motus Network – View a larger map with additional options here


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