Collaborators setting up a Motus station in Colombia

Become a Collaborator

Collaborators are individuals, researchers or organizations that are involved in the maintenance of one or more Motus stations, or researchers deploying tags on wildlife. As a collaborative automated radio telemetry network, Motus would not be possible without the support of collaborators across the hemisphere who have committed time and resources to maintain their own receiver infrastructure or operate their own research projects using the Motus system.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Motus network you can explore the local receiver station coverage in your area using the Receiver Station Map. Full details on data sharing policies and registration fees can be found in the Motus collaboration policy and technical details for tags, stations and data analysis can be found in the resources section.

To become a collaborator, you must first register with Motus. Once registered, you can create or join one or more projects.

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