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Welcome to the Motus Data Download Portal.

The data you are able to access using this tool is controlled by your user permissions. It is recommended that you login before accessing data from this page.

Data can be downloaded in one of two ways, depending on the level of detail you require. You can choose to download data from all projects or data from a specific project. When downloading data from all projects the files will only include records defined as public by the data owners. To access restricted data for a specific project you must select the project from the dropdown box below.

Data accessed using the links below will come in the form of comma-separated-value (csv) files, suitable for viewing in MS Excel or other statistical software programs (e.g. R). Note that you can also use the Motus R project package (in development) to access the same information below, by connecting directly to the Motus server. This package will be the preferred way to access large detection files.


The following data files contain information for all projects, based on your Motus access level. Access to the files below DOES NOT take your project-specific permissions into consideration. If you need access to restricted data, you must use the project-specific files.

Your Motus access level is currently set to: Not registered.

Data Download Data Description
Projects List of all projects, with ID, name, start date, and short description
Tags Complete set of all registered tags for all projects, including properties: frequency, burst interval, model, etc.
Tag deployments Information about the tag deployments for all projects (deployment date, species, measurements, band number, etc.)
Receiver deployments Information about receiver deployments for your project, including start and end dates, geographic location, etc.
Antenna deployments For each deployment, a list of antenna configuration, including bearing, height, antenna type, etc.
Receiver locations List GPS coordinates for all receivers

Click here to obtain descriptions of all fields included in the data files available on this page.

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