Motus Ontario Array (#1)
Short name: MotusON
Short description: Array of ~100 towers maintained by Bird Studies Canada in support of all projects.
Description: Array of ~100 towers maintained by Bird Studies Canada in support of all projects.
Project contact: Stuart Mackenzie, Birds Canada
Researchers: Alexandra Anderson
Angela Demarse, University of Guelph
Brendan Boyd
Bridget Stutchbury, York University
Christian Friis, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Denis Lepage, Birds Canada
Elora Grahame, University of Guelph
Emily McKinnon
Garth Casbourn, University of Western Ontario - AFAR
Greg Mitchell, Environment Canada
Jason Courter, Malone University
Jessica Deakin
John Brzustowski
Jonathan Rice, Carnegie Museum of Natural History Powdermill Nature Reserve
Jordan Howard, Parks Canada
Kirby Morrill
Kyle Cameron
Liza Barney, Bird Studies Canada
Mallory Sarver, Powdermill Avian Research Center
Marie-Pier Laplante
Mark Read
Motus Technician
motus R package test user
Ross Cameron
Ross Wood, Bird Studies Canada
Ryan Leys
Sanford Diamond, Cree Trappers Assoication
Sara Lupi
Sarah Sargent, Erie Bird Observatory
Seymour Skinner
Shawn Kozmick, North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
Stuart Mackenzie, Birds Canada
Sue Hayes
test account
Tosha Kelly, Western University
Yolanda Morbey, Western University
Receivers: 110 (table)
Tags: 23 (table)
Species: 1 Common Tern
1 Piping Plover
Creation date: 2014-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Data visible to the public: Mobile GPS data
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Project information
Receiver deployment data
Receiver logs
Tag deployments (basic)
Tag deployments (custom)
Tag deployments (detailed)
Tag detections
Tag detections (daily summary)
Private data: Landowner information
Receiver deployment (private)
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