SentinelTag (#102)
Short name: SentinelTag
Short description: A pilot study led by Simon Bonner (Western University) to determine how to use tags as sentinels.
Description: Tags registered with this project are for use as sentinels, i.e. they are
deployed at a site to verify or calibrate operation of the receivers, rather
than to track an organism.

TODO: tags in this project will only be sought in data from receivers "close" to the tag's deployment location.
Project contact: Yolanda Morbey
Researchers: Yolanda Morbey
Tags: 5 (table)
Species: 5 ␀
Creation date: 2016-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Data visible to the public: Project contact information
Project information
Receiver deployment data
Tag deployments (basic)
Tag deployments (detailed)
Tag detections (daily summary)
Data visible to any researcher: Mobile GPS data
Receiver logs
Tag detections
Data visible to any primary investigator: Tag deployments (custom)
Private data: Landowner information
Receiver deployment (private)
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