NYC Audubon (#103)
Short name: NYCA-SESA
Short description: NYC Audubon will be using VHF NanoTags in order to track movements of Semipalmated Sandpipers stopping over in Jamaica Bay, NY during their migration.
Description: This project is part of a larger effort to understand the importance of Jamaica Bay, NY to migrating shorebirds. More needs to be understood about how shorebirds use various habitats within the bay, and how Jamaica Bay fits in as a stopover site in their global migratory pathway. In this study, we will use field-readable color flags on Semipalmated Sandpipers as well as fit several individuals with VHF NanoTags in our first year in order to learn more about their local movements as well as movements to and from their breeding grounds.
Project contact: Kaitlyn Parkins, New York City Audubon
Researchers: Amie MacDonald, Birds Canada
Ariel Lenske
Debra Kriensky, NYC Audubon
Jeff Kolodzinski, The Port Authority of NY & NJ
Kaitlyn Parkins, New York City Audubon
Susan Elbin
Tags: 83 (table)
Species: 52 Semipalmated Sandpiper
12 ␀
10 Common Tern
8 American Kestrel
Creation date: 2016-05-26 08:38:09 UTC
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