R5_SALS (#29)
Short name: R5_SALS2
Short description: Currently only winter/spring deployments on Saltmarsh Sparrow (SALS) in South Carolina
Project contact: Adam Smith, US Fish & Wildlife
Researchers: Adam Smith, US Fish & Wildlife
Adam Smith, US Fish & Wildlife
Bri Benvenuti
Kate O'Brien, USFWS
nancy pau
Nick Ernst
Tags: 187 (table)
Species: 173 Saltmarsh Sparrow
9 Nelson's/Saltmarsh Sparrow (Sharp-tailed Sparrow)
3 Nelson's Sparrow
2 Hermit Thrush
Creation date: 2016-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Data visible to the public: Mobile GPS data
Project contact information
Project information
Receiver deployment data
Receiver logs
Tag deployments (basic)
Tag deployments (detailed)
Tag detections
Tag detections (daily summary)
Data visible to any primary investigator: Tag deployments (custom)
Private data: Landowner information
Receiver deployment (private)
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