Northeast Motus Collaboration (#48)
Short name: NE-Motus
Short description: A collaborative effort expanding inland Motus receiver locations throughout the Northeastern United States in support of all projects.
Description: The Northeast Motus Collaboration is a cooperative effort between the Willistown Conservation Trust, Project Owlnet, the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to increase the coverage of the Motus based network of telemetry receiving stations in the interior of the Northeastern United States.

David Brinker and Scott Weidensaul
Project contact: David Brinker, Northeast Motus Collaboration
Researchers: Aaron Coolman, Willistown Conservation Trust
Alison Fetterman, Willistown Conservation Trust
Amber Roth, University of Maine
Bob Fogg, Cellular Tracking Technologies
Chris Neri, Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
David Brinker, Northeast Motus Collaboration
Emily Filiberti, University of Maine
Ian Stewart, Delaware Nature Society
Jeffrey Buler, University of Delaware
Jim Moore
John Booth, The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art
Jonathan Rice, Carnegie Museum of Natural History Powdermill Nature Reserve
Kirby Morrill
Levi Burford
Lisa Kiziuk, Willistown Conservation Trust
Luke DeGroote, Powdermill Avian Research Center
Mallory Sarver, Powdermill Avian Research Center
Michelle Eshleman
Michelle Stantial, USGS
Noah Perlut
Sarah Sargent, Erie Bird Observatory
Scott Weidensaul
Sean Murphy, Pennsylvania Game Commission
Todd Alleger, Northeast Motus Collaboration/Willistown Conservation Trust
Yvette Bordeaux, University of Pennsylvania
Receivers: 111 (table)
Tags: 151 (table)
Species: 40 Bobolink
26 Wood Thrush
25 Golden-winged Warbler
18 Northern Saw-whet Owl
14 ␀
9 Peregrine Falcon
1 Sora
Creation date: 2014-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Data visible to the public: Mobile GPS data
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Project information
Receiver deployment data
Receiver logs
Tag deployments (basic)
Tag deployments (custom)
Tag deployments (detailed)
Tag detections (daily summary)
Private data: Landowner information
Receiver deployment (private)
Tag detections
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