Thrush post-breeding ecology in Quebec (#49)
Short name: QC-Thrush
Short description: PIs: Andre Derochers (U Laval), Junior Tremblay & Yves Aubry (Env Canada)
Breeding, post-breeding, and migratory ecology of BITH, SWTH, GCTH.
Description: We want to document and understand post-breeding dispersal and fall migration by three species of boreal forest thrushes, in collaboration with other MOTUS research teams. More specifically, we want to determine whether these species shift their home ranges from nesting sites to nearby early-seral stands for a berry-dominated diet. Another study (Auk 129:419-426,2012) documented heavy use of Sambucus berries in this landscape by migrant forest songbirds, which suggest an important role for early-seral stands here. Of course, we are also interested in documenting species, age, and sex-specific differences in migration.

Studying migration and dispersal at the same time requires some creativity in the use of SensorGnome receptors. We combine three reception strategies for coded transmitters, namely: fixed towers, car-mounted, and drone-mounted SensorGnomes, to obtain data to infer species presence and departure times, landscape-scale movements (< 100 km2), and hopefully, higher-resolution habitat selection.

We nanotag birds in two locations: Forêt Montmorency (FM) and Observatoire d'oiseaux de Tadoussac (OOT). At the FM, we focus on post-breeding movements with a concentration of 6 MOTUS stations in a ~ 100 km2 area. The Observatoire de'oiseaux de Tadoussac is used to capture SWTH and GCTH and fit nanotags on them specifically to document their fall migration. To this end, we have deployed receiving stations along the St-Lawrence estuary and river.

As of 28 September 2016, we tagged 155 SWTH, 27 GCTH and 28 BITH in summer (Forêt Montmorency) and Fall (Tadoussac).

NB - Receiver Deployment information under project 3. EC - Quebec St. Laurent.
Project contact: Junior Tremblay
Researchers: Alexandre Terrigeol
Andre Desrochers, Université Laval (CEF)
Benoit Laliberte, Environnement et Changement Climatique Canada
Camille Bégin Marchand
Junior Tremblay
Vincent Lamarre, Environnement Canada
Yves Aubry
Tags: 386 (table)
Species: 220 Swainson's Thrush
66 Bicknell's Thrush
58 Gray-cheeked Thrush
20 ␀
2 Common Nighthawk
Creation date: 2015-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
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