Welch (#7)
Short name: Welch
Short description: Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge has been tagging common and Arctic terns on a number of breeding colonies in Maine since 2012.
Description: The USFWS, Maine Coastal Islands NWR has been tagging common and Arctic terns on five breeding colonies in Maine over the past four years. In 2012-13, we tagged terns on Petit Manan Island. In 2014-15, we tagged terns on Metinic, Matinicus Rock, and Seal Islands. We also tagged a small number of common terns on Ship Island in 2014. Our objectives are to determine foraging behavior of incubating and chick-rearing terns (i.e. number of foraging trips per day, length of foraging trips, flight direction of foraging trips, and daily patterns of activity). WE want to compare foraging patterns between incubation and chick rearing terns. Ideally we would like to identify foraging locations but the offshore location of breeding colonies does generally not allow for nearby towers. We are also using data collected after the terns disperse from the colonies to identify migration pathways and staging areas.
Project contact: Linda Welch, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Maine Coastal Islands NWR
Researchers: John Brzustowski
Linda Welch, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Maine Coastal Islands NWR
Receivers: 1 (table)
Tags: 152 (table)
Species: 63 Common Tern
54 Arctic Tern
Creation date: 2013-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
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