Taylor - Blackpoll Warbler (#86)
Short name: TaylorBLPW
Short description: Regional-scale and fine-scale movement decisions of post-breeding and migratory Blackpoll Warblers tagged on Nova Scotia's South Shore
Description: Regional-scale dispersal: This study examines the scale and motivations underlying movement of adult and juvenile songbirds during post-fledging dispersal (between termination of breeding and onset of migration). We found that movements span over 500 km from the breeding area, differing strikingly by age. Adults moved south, reducing the distance they must travel during migration. Juveniles, however, moved randomly, exploring widely across the landscape. Our results contrast markedly with most previous work, which has been executed within a small proximity to breeding grounds and suggest movements are motivated by habitat requirements. Brown and Taylor (2015). Adult and hatch-year blackpoll warblers exhibit radically different regional-scale movements during post-fledging dispersal. Biology Letters 11: 20150593

Regional-scale Migration: This study will examine the movement decisions made by migratory Blackpolls captured during stopover. We are interested in the effects that learning and experience have on movement during this time, as well as comparing movements between post-fledging dispersal and migration.

Fine-scale stopover movements: Using a highly concentrated array of motus towers we will examine fine-scale stopover decisions of Blackpolls in relation to habitat and food availability, as well as energetic condition.
Project contact: Phil Taylor
Researchers: Dominic Cormier, Acadia University
Hilary Mann
Morgan Brown
Phil Taylor
Sydney Bliss, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Tags: 260 (table)
Species: 253 Blackpoll Warbler
Creation date: 2014-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
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