Parker River/Great Bay Refuge (#9)
Short name: Pau
Short description: Bat, shorebird, and saltmarsh sparrows nanotag projects in northeast MA and southern NH. Originally 3 towers at Parker River NWR, 2 at Great Bay NWR.
Description: Tower Deployment –
Originally three towers at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and two towers at Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
Due to maintenance issues and declining capacity, only one tower is currently operational (at the Salt Pannes site at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge).
A second tower will be added at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in 2021 with CTT detection capability.

Tag Deployment –
Shorebirds work: 2013 (30 SESA), 2014 (23 SESA), 2015 (8 SESA)
Bat work: 2014(10 bats), 2015 (8 bats); 2016
Sparrow work: 2014 (6 SALS), 2015(17 SALS); 2016
Project contact: nancy pau
Researchers: Bri Benvenuti
Jeff Hemingway
John Brzustowski
Jonathan Rice, Carnegie Museum of Natural History Powdermill Nature Reserve
Kate O'Brien, USFWS
Luke Stuntz, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (USFWS)
nancy pau
Receivers: 1 (table)
Tags: 79 (table)
Species: 52 Semipalmated Sandpiper
9 Eastern Red Bat
6 Eastern Small-footed Bat
4 Big Brown Bat
2 Northern Long-eared Bat
Creation date: 2013-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
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