SCraik - NSWO (#91)
Short name: CraikNSWO
Short description: Migration and habitat use by Northern Saw-whet Owls
Description: Banding data suggest that large numbers of Northern Saw-whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus) migrate through southwest Nova Scotia during fall; at least some of these owls may winter in the region. Despite this, we know next-to-nothing about staging and wintering habitat use by this owl in the Maritimes. In addition, it is generally unknown how saw-whets deal with the Gulf of Maine ?barrier? separating the Maritimes with potential wintering habitat in the eastern United States.

The objectives of the study are:

1) To examine habitat use of staging and wintering Northern Saw-whet Owls radiomarked during fall migration in Nova Scotia

2) To examine fall and spring migration chronology and routes for different sex and age classes of radiomarked saw-whet owls

Project contact: Shawn Craik, Département des Sciences
Researchers: Phil Taylor
Randy Lauff
Shawn Craik, Département des Sciences
Taylor Brown
Tags: 58 (table)
Species: 60 Northern Saw-whet Owl
Creation date: 2015-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
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