The following is a list of publications that are based on Motus data. If you are affiliated with a project that has used data collected through Motus, we encourage you to join the following Zotero group and add any addition publications not already listed.
Please use the following citation formats for all publications and reports.
If Motus data are used in your analysis, the citation should be as follows:

[Data owner name]. 2019. [Dataset name]. Data accessed from the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.Bird Studies Canada. Available: Accessed: [Date].

If Motus graphics or tools are used in your analysis the citation should be as follows:

Bird Studies Canada. 2019. Motus Wildlife Tracking System. Port Rowan, Ontario. Available: Accessed: [Date].

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Bulluck, Lesley, Elizabeth Ames, Nicholas Bayly, Jessie Reese, Cathy Viverette, James Wright, Angela Caguazango, and Christopher Tonra. “Habitat‐dependent Occupancy and Movement in a Migrant Songbird Highlights the Importance of Mangroves and Forested Lagoons in Panama and Colombia.” Ecology and Evolution, September 26, 2019.
Bulluck, Lesley, Elizabeth Ames, Nicholas Bayly, Jessie Reese, Cathy Viverette, James Wright, Angela Caguazango, and Christopher Tonra. “Habitat-Dependent Occupancy and Movement in a Migrant Songbird Highlights the Importance of Mangroves and Forested Lagoons in Panama and Colombia.” Ecology and Evolution, 2019.
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