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Demonstration Maps

Using this page, you can explore some amazing demonstrations of bird movements detected by the Motus network.

  • Red Knots moving among key staging areas in North America during spring and fall migrations from 2014 to 2016.
  • Swainson's and Gray-cheeked Thrushes migrating from Colombia (South America) to their breeding ground in Canada during the spring of 2015, and 2016. You can also see the related story that appeared in BSC Latest News.
  • Semipalmated and White-rumped Sandpipers during their fall 2014 migration between James Bay stopover sites and the East Coast.
  • Bank Swallow post-breeding and migratory movements in Ontario and Nova Scotia in 2015. These data were compiled from projects led by Sarah Saldanha and Dr. Marty Leonard (Dalhousie University), Dr. Philip Taylor (Acadia University), Tianna Burke and Dr. Erica Nol (Trent University), Myles Falconer, Kristyn Richardson, and Dr. Doug Tozer (Bird Studies Canada), and Dr. Greg Mitchell and Mike Cadman (Environment and Climate Change Canada).
  • Migratory bat movements in southern Ontario during the fall of 2015. These data were compiled from a cross-lake bat migration project led by Stu Mackenzie and Jon McCracken (Bird Studies Canada), Dr. Chris Guglielmo, Dr. Yolanda Morbey, and Kristin Jonasson (Western University), and Dr. Liam McGuire (Texas Tech University).
  • One-night migratory flights from James Bay during the fall of 2015. These data were compiled from the James Bay Shorebird Monitoring Project led by Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Royal Ontario Museum, Trent University, Bird Studies Canada, and the Moose Cree First Nation with support from the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act.
  • Fall migratory movements of 27 Merlins (Falco columbarius) from Block Island, Rhode Island along the Atlantic Coast in 2015. These data are part of a multi-year project jointly led by Dr. Adam Smith (US Fish & Wildlife Service), Dr. Scott McWilliams (University of Rhode Island), Chris DeSorbo (Biodiversity Research Institute), and Rick Gray (Biodiversity Research Institute), and made possible with support from The Nature Conservancy and the Ocean View Foundation.
  • Migratory movements of three Catharus thrushes from Foret Montmorency and Observatoire d'Oiseaux de Tadoussac, Quebec, and Christmas Mountains, New Brunswick during the fall of 2015. These data were compiled from projects led by Dr. Junior Tremblay and Yves Aubry (Environment and Climate Change Canada), Dr. André Desrochers (Laval University), Pascal Côté (Observatoire d'Oiseaux de Tadoussac), Dr. Tony Diamond (University of New Brunswick), Greg Campbell, David Bell, and Dr. Laura Tranquila (Bird Studies Canada), and Dr. Philip Taylor (Acadia University).
  • Saltmarsh Sparrows migrating from breeding grounds in Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Maine, Parker River NWR in Massachusetts, and Sachuest NWR in Rhode Island towards their wintering grounds during the fall of 2015. Saltmarsh Sparrows, an IUCN Red Listed species, spend their entire life cycle in the salt marshes of the East Coast. Learn more about this project.
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