Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Motus. To become a Motus collaborators, you can:

  • Register with Motus to embark on tagging projects to study movement and behavior of migratory animals
  • Get a Motus station to contribute to the Motus network, either as a landowner or a project collaborator.
  • Teach about Motus on how Motus works and why wildlife tracking is important using our educator resources.
  • Support existing projects and station deployments through supporting the cost of a station and/or maintaining stations

Join Motus as a Researcher

Motus can be used to monitor the movement of animals through landscapes. Use Motus to study the movement ecology of small flying animals.

Information for Researchers
Researchers banding shorebirds at night
Researchers banding shorebirds at night

Get a Motus station

By installing a Motus station, you’re not just supporting a collaborative global initiative for migratory animal conservation science and research – you’re actively participating in it! With a station at your home, school, research site, or organization, you can support and engage in ongoing research, access data visualizations, and promote education on animal migration and monitoring technology.

Get a Motus station

Teach about Motus

Add Motus to your school curriculum as a way to build knowledge about birds, migration and conservation and support project- and inquiry-based learning.

Motus education
Researchers banding shorebirds at night
Researchers banding shorebirds at night

Support existing Motus projects

Help us at Birds Canada maximize the potential of Motus. Your support could contribute to our being able to provide system operation and development, data management and general coordination and support to the network.

Support Motus
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