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Specifications for Lotek bird and bat nanotags can be viewed on the Lotek Website. Specifications for CTT LifeTags™ and PowerTags™ can be found on the Cellular Tracking Technologies website.

There are several important criteria to consider prior to ordering tags:

  • Size – Minimize weight of the tag + attachment materials.
  • Operational life – Battery size and burst interval (amount of time between consecutive pulses) influence the operational life of a tag. Bigger batteries have a longer lifespan, but increased weight. A longer burst interval results in a longer lifespan but reduced detection rate.
  • Burst interval – Although a longer burst interval provides a longer operational life, increasing the burst interval reduces the number of data points attainable within a given time period.
  • Attachment method – Modifications to tags (e.g. tubes) may be necessary for certain attachment methods.

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