Receiver Deployment

The technology behind Motus is relatively inexpensive and highly customizable. The sections below provide resources for building and deploying receiving stations. For more information about station deployment, see our Motus Station Guide. For assistance with the setup of your project please see our Discussion Group, Troubleshooting Guide or contact us. Contact Motus for a list of potential suppliers near you.
Setting up a Motus station. Photo by: Tianna Burke.

Steps for receiver deployment:

  1. Register as a Motus User: Users wishing to deploy receivers must first register as Motus users.
  2. Create a Project: Collaborators must create a project using the online data management tools in order to deploy receivers.
  3. Station Equipment: Acquire the necessary components of the receiver to meet your needs.
  4. Register Receivers:
    WARNING: Receivers must be registered with a Motus project and have active deployments in order for their data to contribute to the network.
  5. Station Set Up: Instructions on site selection and station assembly.
  6. Download Data from SensorGnome, CTT, or Lotek Receivers: Data collected by receivers needs to be downloaded and sent to Motus. Please see the instructions for downloading data that correspond to your receiver type. Station inspections can also be completed when downloading data to ensure proper station function.
  7. Submit Detection Data: Downloaded data must be submitted to Motus in order to contribute to the network.
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