A Black-Throated Blue Warbler with a Motus tag.

Tag Deployment

Tags are currently solely digitally coded Avian Nano-Tags manufactured by Lotek Wireless and BioTrack. Tags sizes range from ~0.2g to ~2.6g with a range in longevity from 20 days to 928 days depending on size of the tag and burst interval. Traditional ‘beeper’ tags are also compatible for a variety of additional applications, but not tracking beyond a local study site. Contact Motus if you would like to see if your tags are compatible.


Deploying tags as part of the Motus network involves the following steps:

  1. Register as a Motus User: Users wishing to deploy tags must first register as Motus users.
  2. Create a Project: Collaborators must create a project using the online data management tools in order to deploy tags.
  3. Purchase Tags: Select the tag specifications desired and purchase nanotags.
  4. Register Tags: WARNING: Tags MUST be registered with Motus prior to deployment.
  5. Deploy Tags: Several techniques exist to deploy Motus tags and more are being developed and tested. This document provides instructions for affixing tags to a variety of species. If your group uses different methods, or have any additional information, please contact Motus
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