A Black-Throated Blue Warbler with a Motus tag.

Tag Deployment

Motus collaborators use digitally coded NanoTags manufactured by Lotek Wireless and BioTrack operating on frequencies 166.380 MHz (Western Hemisphere), 150.100 MHz (Europe), and 151.500 MHz (Australia). Tags sizes range from ~0.2 g to ~2.6 g with a lifespan from 20 days to 928 days depending on size of the tag and burst interval. Motus and collaborators are also in the process of integrating LifeTag™ and PowerTags™ manufactured by Cellular Tracking Technologies (CTT) operating on 434 MHz. It is important to check the Motus Receiver Map to confirm which frequency other stations/antennas are operating on throughout the network. When communicating with Lotek or CTT, be sure to explicitly state that you want your tags/system to be compatible with Motus. Contact Motus, or the tag providers above for more information.


Deploying tags as part of the Motus network involves the following steps:

  1. Register as a Motus User: Users wishing to deploy tags must first register as Motus users.
  2. Create a Project: Collaborators must create a project using the online data management tools in order to deploy tags.
  3. Purchase Tags: Select the tag specifications desired and purchase nanotags.
  4. Register Tags: WARNING: Tags MUST be registered with Motus prior to deployment. We strongly encourage you to test and register all tags immediately after receiving them to ensure they’re ready for deployment. Always check your Manage Tags page after registration to ensure they have all been uploaded correctly.
  5. Deploy Tags: WARNING: Tags must be activated and confirmed to be ON and emitting the expected ID before deployment. Several techniques exist to deploy Motus tags and more are being developed and tested. This document provides instructions for affixing tags to a variety of species. If your group uses different methods, or have any additional information, please contact Motus
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