Tag Registration

Warning: Deploying tags without registration is futile – always do this step before deploying tags.

Please do not register tags more than once, if you need tags transferred between projects contact us.

  1. Register with Motus
  2. Register your tags: Instructions on registering tags can be found here. To register a tag, you need to make a short recording of its output using a funcubedongle attached to a PC. Tag Registration Kits can be purchased from Motus. Each kit includes a funcube, whip antenna, and tag activator. We strongly encourage you to test and register all tags immediately after receiving them to ensure they’re ready for deployment. Always check your Manage Tags page after registration to ensure they have all been uploaded correctly.
  3. Upload tag registrations: Send us your completed tag registrations from step 2 here using your Motus login information.

Your project will be invoiced based on the number of tags registered following the Motus Collaboration Policy and Fee Schedule.

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