Maine Nightjar Monitoring Project (#632)
Short name: Maine Nightjar
Short description: Maine-based research and conservation project gathering data on Maine's nightjars to inform their conservation and management.
Description: Initiated in 2017, the Maine Nightjar Monitoring Project is a multifaceted research and conservation effort started to gather insights into the status of Maine's Eastern Whip-poor-will and Common Nighthawks. The project coordinates annual road-based, citizen science nightjar surveys and, beginning in 2023, is conducting a series of Eastern Whip-poor-will nesting ground surveys and a movement study to gather data on whip-poor-will movement ecology during both the breeding and non-breeding season.
Project contact: Logan Parker, Maine Natural History Observatory
Researchers: Evan Adams, Biodiversity Research Institute
Logan Parker, Maine Natural History Observatory
Tags: 32 (table)
Species: 20 Eastern Whip-poor-will
Creation date: 2023-04-04 12:03:08 UTC
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